Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thought you might like to share in an email we received from Sue Eagle who was the first Treasurer of Sunshine Linus.  Sue has recently become a grandmother to twin girls.  We make lots of lots of items for preemie babies, and distribute the items all over the Sunshine Coast.  We sometimes hear from someone who knows someone who knows someone that has benefited from our hard work, but we couldn't be more thrilled to receive this email!  It sure is a wonderful feeling to see our work come full circle.
Here's her email and photographs.

 Harriet & Georgia Leigh
Hi Judie,
Wanted to let you and the other ladies know that my new twin grand baby girls are getting the benefit of the items Linus make. They where born a week ago and are in the special care unit in Nambour hospital, born 6 weeks early.

Was nice to see the items you make. Never thought my family or I would benefit but you just never know. Thanks to you all for your hard work.

Have attached a few photos for you.  Georgia Leigh is doing really well. Harriett is fine but just needs reminding to breathe.  My daughter Catherine is doing a great job as a new mum.
Thanks again
Love Sue


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