Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Thankyou from Judie B

Hello one and all. 
It’s the International Week of the Volunteer and what better reason for sending you a very big THANK YOU to every single volunteer for Sunshine Linus.  We’ve been in operation for three years and have achieved the most amazing amount of support for the Sunshine Coast community and beyond.  It is only with your generous gift of time and resources that we’ve been able to help those in need and in so many different ways. 

If you’ve not yet done so, have a look at what we’ve donated since our beginning in 2010. Click on the following link:
We don’t have an actual figure of members for Sunshine Linus because a great deal of our volunteers work away on their own, in their own homes and arrange for their creations to be distributed by Sunshine Linus.  We don’t see your faces and in some cases know your names, but we truly appreciate the wonderful flow of donations for our community.


To each and everyone of you, I offer my most humble THANKS for everything that you do for Sunshine Linus.  Your generosity and community spirit is what makes the operation of Sunshine Linus such a success.  Please pass this message on where possible, to those who you know don’t receive our emails or are on our email list. 

 Looking forward to seeing those who can attend our next monthly meeting on Monday 27th May.

 Cheerio for now
Judie Bellingham

President Sunshine Linus Inc.

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