Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 25, 2014 meeting

We had over 50 members attend our August gathering and it was a very busy and productive day.  We welcomed new members who were fascinated with the setup of the room and the functionality of the day. 

We also made welcome Jo Munday and Soen Holt from the Cooinda Mental Health Centre at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital.  We recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Cooinda to provide resources for their fledgling craft support group, and also to offer training to the Cooinda staff on making items that may be used throughout the rest of the hospital wards.  We were also very pleased to donate a sewing machine to the Cooinda craft group. 

Show and Tell was amazing as usual, with lots of gorgeous items on show.  We received some delightful quilts from Glenys who donated some fabrics to Sunshine Linus as well as about 15 glorious quilts.

We were also delighted and very grateful to received two beautiful quilt tops from Mountain Quilters, who had run a block challenge before their quilt show, and had put them together into two large quilt tops and donated them to us.  One of our resident long arm quilters Kaye, is going to work her magic on the quilts, and we'll have pictures for you on their completion. 

 Here's some more eye candy on the days Show and Tell.

One of Leone's touchy feely quilts ready for backing.

These two quilts (above and below) are just a few of the most wonderful
quilts that Glenys made for us, aren't they fabulous.  Thankyou
so much Glenys, your work is beautiful.


Sweet little children's softies hand made by Bonney.

One of our intrepid quilters, Olwyn put this quilt together using
donated Suffolk puffs and hexagons.

This very sporty quilt was one of a number donated to us
from Nattering Needles Craft group at
Stokers Siding, NSW.  Thanks girls, they're terrific!

Three (above and below) of a number of quilts made by Nicky

One of a number of wheelchair quilts made by Jan

A bit blurry, but very clever.  Rosemary our resident Touchy
Feely guru, has used a panel of a lion and decorated it
with lots and lots of sensory tags. 

This creation (above), is called a Silly Sack and is made from good quality lycra.  The idea is for a child to step into the sack, close up the Velcro opening, and jump around and have fun. This Silly Sack is a very helpful tool in helping Autistic children to expend excess energy, while the stretch of the lycra gives a "grounding" affect as well.  Nicky has made half a dozen of these so far, and we can see that there will be a call for more in the future.  If you have some good quality large pieces of lycra that you would like to donate for the making of these Silly Sacks, please be in touch via our email.  Thankyou in anticipation.

Please take a moment and have a look at the "what we do and where it goes" page (to the right of this screen).  We had a massive amount of donated items, and the distribution team of Ali, Rose, Myra & Shirley were absolute champions, sorting, counting and packing in readiness for delivery.  It's the team spirit that these members and others bring to each gathering that makes the day such a joy to be part of.

 Claire does it again with her wonderful inventive stitching!
The staff at Spiral asked us to make a body pillow with a sensory cover.  The pillow which measures 90 cm by 150 cm will be filled with bean bag beads.  The cover is made of sensory fabrics like a touchy feely but without bits hanging off it.

the body pillow cover

the body pillow partially filled

When the dementia advisors at Ozcare  saw the sensory flower picture that was going to an aged care facility they were keen to get one themselves.  They even suggested that some of the flowers could be attached by Velcro so that the picture could be changed.  Five detachable crochet flowers means 120 different versions of the picture!
one version of the sensory flower garden

We have two members of Sunshine Linus who very generously spend about $50.00 of their own money each month, purchasing new items of clothing including underwear and sleepware for people in need in our community.  These two angels say that this is their "coffee money" that they would prefer to spend on purchasing items for needy men, women and children in our community.  We are in awe of these two ladies who track down terrific bargains at various shopping outlets.  Here's a list of the items the ladies purchased for us to distribute just this month:
2 boys windcheaters (with hoods), 1 girls fleecy pants, 3 girls long sleeve shirts, 1 boys fleecy pants, 1 pair cargo pants, 1 boys shirt, 1 knitted jumper for 18month child, 1 little girls dress, 1 little girls blouse, 3 packs  girls undies, 3 packs of boys undies, 2 packs of shorts and shirt and undies, 2 packs of shorts, shirt and undies, 2 packs of tops and tights.
Angels indeed!

Our next gathering is an extra meeting on the 15th September.  We will be having a Look and Learn workshop with Kaye on Whack and Stack technique.  See you then!

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014 FMQ workshop & Toogoolawah wish list

Every now and again we get together to learn new skills or at least improve the skills we need for sewing and quilting.  Today we had a workshop on free motion quilting.

Judie had us quilting in straight lines, zigzags, m's, waves and then we got into daisies, figure 8s and coils.  A useful and fun time was enjoyed by all.



Whenever Sunshine Linus members meet we make use of the time to gather handcrafted items ready for distribution.  Today we were putting together items for families and community groups in Toogoolawah.

During July, President Judie travelled about one and a half hours west of Brisbane to the little township of Toogoolawah.  There she presented some families with weighted blankets, touchy feely quilts and bags etc for their ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) children.  She compiled a wish list and here are some of the items going to Toogoolawah ...

The touchy feely below is the standard size we make.  It is made up of four rows of 5 blocks each cut six and a half inches square.

a touchy feely made for a little girl
This is a much larger touchy feely designed for use on a settee, mattress or even the floor.  It uses 9 inch squares of sensory fabrics and lots of tactile ribbons, lace, wool, fabric and bits and pieces.

settee touchy feely

On the other hand, this is a smaller than normal touchy feely.  This one is designed for use on the arm of a chair and is made from 6 six and a half inch squares.  The built in fiddle bag and hanging bits should keep a child's hands busy when they are watching TV.

chair arm touchy feely

We had a request for a stress reliever.  This smiley creation has eight different fabric arms and fillings:
  • blue lycra arm is filled with tulle
  • brown corduroy arm contains lots of tiny buttons
  • blue silk arm has a soft foam filling
  • pink arm is full of snippets of wool
  • beige plastic arm is stuffed with bubble wrap
  • blue fluffy fleece arm is also filled with fleece
  • red knit arm moves with rice
  • grey smooth fleece contains toy stuffing just like the face

Weighted blankets measure 40 inches square and have 36 pockets to put weights into.

Weighted lap quilts are a cut down version of the weighted blanket.  They have 8 pockets and are used to calm people when they are sitting in class, at a computer or watching TV.
the pockets inside a weighted lap quilt

weighted lap quilts
Balloon covers make it easier for little fingers to hold on to a balloon.  Fiddle bags contain rice and a list of items for people to look for.
The children who attend the Toogoolawah Special Education Unit will soon receive these lovely quilts.

We are also sending them a bit of the sea ...

The next regular Sunshine Linus meeting is on Monday 25 August.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28, 2014 gathering

This month's Sunshine Linus meeting saw 50 people bring in table loads of handmade items ready for distribution.  Being winter, busy fingers have been knitting and crocheting beanies, scarves, mittens and socks.  We were able to give 170 woollen items to various community groups.  The call for more wool was successful and there should be lots more woollen items next month!

In the absence of President Judie, Kaye ran the meeting and show and tell.  She introduced Joyce Yates from Sunshine Knitters who told us about her group.

Joyce from Sunshine Knitters

Isabella and Adam collecting supplies for Maroochydore SHS

Toiletry zipper bags went to many people in need

One of many warm crocheted and knitted rugs

Our long-arm quilter Di didn't like her creation so donated
it to us to finish.  We like it!

The challenge blocks made by Mountain Quilters make
a very eye catching quilt

Peachester monkeys!  What child
wouldn't like this quilt?

Maggie has been binding quilts for other people

A selection of Judy M's x-ray bags

Wheelchair quilts by Sharon

Sharon made good use of these
flower strips and fabrics

One of many quilts from the
Mudjimba group

Emu Park ladies sent the animals and Ann put
together this colourful kid's quilt

Golly what a way to use leftovers Ann

A taste of the quilt as you go
workshop to be held after show and tell

Barb N said making this was easy!

Denise's lolly jar quilt

We assured Jan that this met the request for funky!

Jan's Ugly Annies quilt

Rosemary expanding her touchy feely skills

A burst of colour created by Yvonne and Kay F

Touchy feely aprons provide a great
distraction to dementia sufferers

Lee brightening up our day!

Gowns and caps for premmies made by Carolyn

A simple pattern made in two different colour schemes.  Rosemary, I vote for the second one.    

Donated embroidered flowers made into a lovely quilt

Donated berets and matching teddies for sick kids

Claire's large touchy feely mat will amuse kids for hours
Claire's sleeve protector to stop a patient removing bandages
from her arm

The children at a special school will use Claire's sensory quilt when their teacher reads "We're Going on a Bear Hunt".  The squares and bear can be detached to give to kids in wheelchairs.


They found the bear in a cave
close-up of the snow storm

After show and tell, Sharon demonstrated the quilt as you go method.  Here is Sharon and some of the squares she produced.

If you've got this far you have just looked at the first photos and blog by Claire.  Hope I have all your names right.  Looking forward to you at our next gathering on Monday August 25.